Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turning 40...

Originally I planned on writing something as soon as I turned 40, and then...well, life got in the way. And then my memory got the best of me. No one told me that as soon as I turned 40 (which was in May) I would start forgetting everything unless I had it written down (and even that's not a guarantee I won't forget since I then have to remember I wrote it down and where I put the note).

Life has pretty much been a whirlwind...not just because I turned 40, but in general. Busy at work, had a month long celebration of turning 40 including many nights out with friends, been helping my friend Heather with her amazingly fabulous business - Rinse Bath & Body, visited my grandmother in CT twice (one of those times included my mother and I taking a road trip with the dog) and recently trying to get back into the gym. Oh...and throw in a few doctor's appointments, volunteer activities, etc and life is B.U.S.Y!

I was not at all afraid of turning 40, and I'm still not upset about crossing that threshold. What I am upset with is no one telling me that time truly does go by faster as we get older, my back would instantly feel worse, my brain would be feebler, and I would suddenly see crow's feet where there weren't any the day before.

The goal I have now is to embrace 40 and start back to working out regularly so that 50 feels better than 40!

Cheers! Here's to another 10 years (and hopefully more)!!