Sunday, September 23, 2012

New website launching soon!

Hi everyone...I hope you are now following me over on WordPress and especially via my new website.

My new website is almost ready - and I could not be happier.

My friend Kristen from K.Leigh Creative has done an amazing job make it beautiful.

Be sure to check me out there!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oops - I moved and didn't tell you

So, I recently discovered that I won a prize on another bloggers site - and upon realizing this I noticed I had never told any of my dedicated followers that I have moved.

Because I am now trying to set up my own website for selling my crafty creations via Wordpress I decided to use their platform for blogging. I'd love it if you'd follow me there -

Also, you can find my crafty items at I give 10% of everything I sell to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.

See you over there!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turning 40...

Originally I planned on writing something as soon as I turned 40, and then...well, life got in the way. And then my memory got the best of me. No one told me that as soon as I turned 40 (which was in May) I would start forgetting everything unless I had it written down (and even that's not a guarantee I won't forget since I then have to remember I wrote it down and where I put the note).

Life has pretty much been a whirlwind...not just because I turned 40, but in general. Busy at work, had a month long celebration of turning 40 including many nights out with friends, been helping my friend Heather with her amazingly fabulous business - Rinse Bath & Body, visited my grandmother in CT twice (one of those times included my mother and I taking a road trip with the dog) and recently trying to get back into the gym. Oh...and throw in a few doctor's appointments, volunteer activities, etc and life is B.U.S.Y!

I was not at all afraid of turning 40, and I'm still not upset about crossing that threshold. What I am upset with is no one telling me that time truly does go by faster as we get older, my back would instantly feel worse, my brain would be feebler, and I would suddenly see crow's feet where there weren't any the day before.

The goal I have now is to embrace 40 and start back to working out regularly so that 50 feels better than 40!

Cheers! Here's to another 10 years (and hopefully more)!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another fruity story...

By now you probably realize that I like to take pictures of odd things including apple cores, a tomato, and now my latest is a banana.

This lonesome banana was in the parking lot at Cumberland Mall near the mall entrance next to Fresh 2 Order. First, how do you not realize you lost your banana? I'm just sayin'... Second, why do people (me included) just pass it by rather than put it in the trash?

Instead of picking up random pieces of trash, or food as the case may be, I find myself taking pictures to document their last journey on this earth. Perhaps this banana ended up being pecked at unmercifully by wild birds or other such animals. Perhaps it met it's demise from the weight of a vehicle tire running over it. Or perhaps even some silly kid jumped up and down on it to see it squash out of the peel.

I will never know the end results as I did not have the opportunity to go back and give it a pulse check. However, here are the pictures from that day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've written and I'm sure there is so much I have to catch up on. Let's see where I should start.

Besides my recent post regarding Haiti, the last time I wrote was in September about the tomato at work. Life has been pretty hectic with work plus the 1/2 marathon I was training for and completed at the beginning of December. Mid January I signed up for 4 weeks of training with Max from Fit2DMax and spent 3 days a week working out more than I had in a long time. I'm now starting to work out 3 days a week with a co-worker at one of the local gyms.

I haven't necessarily set a goal saying I'm losing X number of pounds or getting down to a certain size. I just decided that this time the focus needs to be on including a healthy habit in my life. If, by default, weight loss and smaller sizes happen...then I will be that much better off.

I turn 40 this May. I had mentioned the whole exercise thing to my BGF and the fact that 40 is creeping up on me. His comment was "Your turning 40 in a few months. 40 isn't creeping up on has opened the door, walked in, and tapped you on the shoulder." NICE! So, as I let that thought sink in I made an eye appointment. It has been since December 2004 since I had LASIK and for the year following I was very good about follow up visits, but hadn't been to the eye doctor since at least 2006. I spend a lot of time on a computer for work - I have a laptop and 2 monitors I work from and I read a lot. The doctor determined I need reading glasses. I said, "what kind should I buy at CVS." And she says, "your prescription isn't that strong so you will need prescription glasses." Oh joy! I now have reading glasses that need to be worn while on the computer (I'm not as good about doing that) and for reading!

And on top of the eye knee is driving me crazy lately. In December I had 3 injections of Synvisc in my knee (1 a week for 3 weeks) and thought I was doing really well. Got back to exercising and shoot my knee is bothering me! I just hope that knee surgery (for the 2nd time) isn't in my future!

All I can say is...with my 40th year going this great so far I better have a fun birthday party!!

Looking for some fun to come my way in May!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help for Haiti

We have a company wide BLOG where I work and this week's topic was helping Haiti. Please understand...I am all for helping people, but I do have a few of my own opinions. This is the response I gave to the initial post this week.

I am so amazed at how quickly people came together and formed groups to collect money, resources, and anything else that could possibly help the people of Haiti.

As Jim mentioned, these people live on the edge everyday and while it seems as though what we are doing is HUGE (because in basic terms it is huge) it is unfortunately not enough.

I guess the problem I have with this or any other relief situation is WHY we wait until something like this happens to even step up and help. As a person/group of people/nation, why aren't we inclined to help on a regular basis? Realizing, of course, that money is tight could we not still come up with a few dollars each week to help people in our own country, in Haiti, and anywhere else that is needed? Can you imagine what a small amount on a regular basis would add up to over time? How is it people suddenly come up with $100 to help one time but can't come up with $2 a week that could offer people help on a regular basis instead of when they have a crisis?

Also, while I appreciate what "Hollywood" and it's people are doing has anyone ever stopped to think about not only the amount of money they earn (heck - Conan O'Brien is being given $32 million to QUIT his job) but the FREE gifts they receive?? Imagine you just got paid $25 million for a movie and now you are up for an Oscar and because you go to the award ceremony you are given a goody bag full of $30 thousand worth of gifts you could have purchased yourself!! Take the number of gift baskets times $30k and imagine what that could do for a country like Haiti! I'm not saying people don't deserve free gifts here and there or that actors don't deserve the money they earn, but I'm actually tired of hearing that someone gave $1 million dollars of their own money in a time of crisis! That's only 1/30th of what Conan is getting or 1/20 of what some are paid for one movie. People making a lot less money are sacrificing for others to be helped. I have a friend whose children dumped out all the money in the piggy banks to send to Haiti! That's a sacrifice!

Again...not saying we need to sacrifice to help, but give up a coffee or a donut or whatever and help people ALL THE TIME! If you can't help with $$ help with time! We have volunteer events sponsored by ING and it seems as though it's the same people volunteering every time. Is it really that hard to give something up once in a while to help others? That is what we as people are called to do. We are called to use our talents for good and to help others.

I just hope that we will stop waiting for events like the Tsunami, Katrina, and now this event in Haiti to realize people need our help all the time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Tomato

I didn't get a chance to update everyone on "the tomato." I arrived at work one day to see a tomato in the parking lot very close to the back tire of someone's car. I thought it was interesting that a tomato had gotten loose in the parking lot.

That afternoon it was still there when I left for the day and I took a picture of it (Tuesday).
The next morning I showed up and there was the tomatoe still was hanging in there. On my way home it was still there although a little worse for wear (picture below).

I was really looking forward to Thursday morning to track it's life...unfortunately I was in an accident on the way to work and did not get to follow-up on my little tomato. I heard from a co-worker it had finally lost it's life to a tire. My experiment was over!