Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another fruity story...

By now you probably realize that I like to take pictures of odd things including apple cores, a tomato, and now my latest is a banana.

This lonesome banana was in the parking lot at Cumberland Mall near the mall entrance next to Fresh 2 Order. First, how do you not realize you lost your banana? I'm just sayin'... Second, why do people (me included) just pass it by rather than put it in the trash?

Instead of picking up random pieces of trash, or food as the case may be, I find myself taking pictures to document their last journey on this earth. Perhaps this banana ended up being pecked at unmercifully by wild birds or other such animals. Perhaps it met it's demise from the weight of a vehicle tire running over it. Or perhaps even some silly kid jumped up and down on it to see it squash out of the peel.

I will never know the end results as I did not have the opportunity to go back and give it a pulse check. However, here are the pictures from that day.

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