Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm not a Quitter (really)

So, since i enrolled in Cosmetology classes I have felt the instructors are less than enthused about teaching. Frankly, at my age, I feel like I want to learn from people who (a) want to be there, (b) don't leave the room after showing us one time and expect us to "get it", (c) have the decency to realize that I haven't been doing this for 20 years like they have! I'm in school because - well, here's a thought - I don't know what I'm doing! Yes, I owned a salon, and have been around the industry for over 20 years (managed a salon too long ago, and have just always had a passion for the beauty industry), but that does not mean I know everything.

My background is Operations and Human Resources (and some accounting - my first love). I LOVE the paperwork part of the business especially...the sitting down for hours looking at other salon/spa's websites to see what they are doing, the talking to people and marketing my business as a whole and the individuals within, the coming up with new ideas part of things. This is my passion.

Last week I had a MAJOR meltdown at school and went off on the teacher. It was NOT pretty. I do not regret telling her (or the other students in the class) how I feel about the way things are going, although I do regret how it all went down. I had already been considering leaving at the end of the quarter to apprentice at a salon in order to learn and earn money at the same time. Wednesday night in class made me realize that I now need to do this just to be sane. I do not want to spend anymore of my time with people who aren't 100% vested in my future and getting me where I want/need to be. I had every intention finishing out this quarter. However, this morning I woke up and just decided it's a total waste of time to spend the next 4 weeks in a situation I am not happy about. I wouldn't continue dating someone if I was this unhappy...why finish this? I can take a couple of weeks to gather my thoughts and get some rest (haha - for those of you that know me - this won't happen) and then start my new part-time job of apprenticing on the nights I would have attended school!

I am not really a quitter, but this time I am excusing myself from a situation that in no way benefits me and only makes me more and more unhappy. So, I guess all I can say is "I quit (school that is)."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not so Great Animal Stories...

I have been wanting to post about one animal issue for a few weeks night in my class my instructor told us about a story involving her son's dog. Apparently over the weekend her son's dog, a beautiful full-bred Rotty, had gotten out of the yard and the neighbor called Animal Control. Normally I would consider this the "responsible" thing to do, but only if the animal seemed to be bothersome or terrorizing people. By the time Animal Control showed up the dog was in his own backyard and things seemed fine, but AC said they still had to take the dog. They mentioned something about keeping the dog and the owner picking him up with a specified number of days. Well...on Tuesday he went to pick up the dog and was told he had been put down because he was growling and uneasy when they tried to get him out of the truck at the precinct.'s a thought - a dog is surrounded by strangers - of course he is uneasy! I can't believe they put him down. I, personally, have my suspicions about what happened to the dog. And I can't help but wonder if someone took the dog because he was pure-bred.

Now...with regard to calling AC I had my own run in with them a couple of times during the past couple of months. First, I was driving to work one rainy morning when I saw a mother dog from up the street and her 5 puppies walking in the road and following a stranger on her way to the bus stop. The puppies wouldn't stop following I tried to catch them all and take them back to where they belong. I took them to the wrong house, but the owner knew where they belonged so we went across the street. No one was answering the door and I had to get to work so I left them with the neighbor and called AC. I called them because I was worried about the puppies and the fact no one was answering the door. It's too dangerous for puppies to be loose in the road. I am not sure about what happened after my call. But then, a few weeks later I saw the mother and one puppy sleeping in the yard of a neighbors house which means the dogs were loose again. And then my mother saw them loose one morning and sent them away. Why don't people keep watch over their pets?

The next day after my mother sent them away she heard a racket down near the pond where our ducks live...she didn't think much of it at the time. The next day I went to feed them and found them to have missing feathers and one was limping and wouldn't quack. I was so upset. I instantly had to call Animal Control. The next day they stopped by the house to ask what happened. I explained it to the guy but was told that because they are ducks they don't fall under the same circumstances as if they were someone's cat or dog. WHAT?? I love these ducks! Are you kidding?

Anyway, the good news is their feathers are coming back and they are both happily quacking again and the limp is getting better. If this had happened on Animal Planet someone would have gotten a ticket! And, someone would have taken care of my ducks.