Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm not a Quitter (really)

So, since i enrolled in Cosmetology classes I have felt the instructors are less than enthused about teaching. Frankly, at my age, I feel like I want to learn from people who (a) want to be there, (b) don't leave the room after showing us one time and expect us to "get it", (c) have the decency to realize that I haven't been doing this for 20 years like they have! I'm in school because - well, here's a thought - I don't know what I'm doing! Yes, I owned a salon, and have been around the industry for over 20 years (managed a salon too long ago, and have just always had a passion for the beauty industry), but that does not mean I know everything.

My background is Operations and Human Resources (and some accounting - my first love). I LOVE the paperwork part of the business especially...the sitting down for hours looking at other salon/spa's websites to see what they are doing, the talking to people and marketing my business as a whole and the individuals within, the coming up with new ideas part of things. This is my passion.

Last week I had a MAJOR meltdown at school and went off on the teacher. It was NOT pretty. I do not regret telling her (or the other students in the class) how I feel about the way things are going, although I do regret how it all went down. I had already been considering leaving at the end of the quarter to apprentice at a salon in order to learn and earn money at the same time. Wednesday night in class made me realize that I now need to do this just to be sane. I do not want to spend anymore of my time with people who aren't 100% vested in my future and getting me where I want/need to be. I had every intention finishing out this quarter. However, this morning I woke up and just decided it's a total waste of time to spend the next 4 weeks in a situation I am not happy about. I wouldn't continue dating someone if I was this unhappy...why finish this? I can take a couple of weeks to gather my thoughts and get some rest (haha - for those of you that know me - this won't happen) and then start my new part-time job of apprenticing on the nights I would have attended school!

I am not really a quitter, but this time I am excusing myself from a situation that in no way benefits me and only makes me more and more unhappy. So, I guess all I can say is "I quit (school that is)."

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

If you were saying this in a pique of anger, or on a whim, I'd encourage you to be very thoughtful. However, I know that you have really tossed this about in your mind, and that you haven't made this decision lightly, so I totally support you. You go on wid yo bad self!