Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Memory of (part 2)...

One other thing I thought of after posting my last comments about In Memory of stickers is the crosses, flowers and such on the side of the road signifying where someone was obviously in an accident and more than likely killed.

I don't like this either. I understand why people want to do it, but I actually think it could cause more damage because people are looking away from the road and trying to see what's on the side of the road or even trying to read what is written on the crosses.

And then, beyond being dangerous because it's a distraction, it ends up being just a bunch of dead flowers or rotting wood and plastic which to me is like littering.

There are much better ways to mourn your loved ones, bring attention to their lives, or even acknowledge their existence. How about a scholarship in their name? An organization baring the their name? Or something else of significance?

As always...just my opinion!

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Again, I so totally agree. Also, I have made this known: Do Not Ever put anything plastic on my grave, or I will haunt you. I would most prefer a nice pecan tree, but if you have to do flowers, do it and deal with it when they wilt. NO PLASTIC. Nothing artificial. We clear?