Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inappropriate Questions

Do you know that it really is NEVER okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant? You shouldn't say "Oh, when are you due?" or "Awww...are you having a baby?" or "So, is there a baby on the way?"

And I say this in the nicest possible way because I've been asked it a few times over the years. I am not a Barbie. I don't have long thin legs, big boobs (okay, well I do have that), and a teeny-tiny waist that makes it evident that I am NOT preggers.

Today in the ladies room I was asked if I had a baby on the way. The empire waist sweaters, tops and dresses are in style (again) and I tend to like them. They are a little better at accentuating nice boobs and hiding some flaws around the middle. But, apparently that's not always true.

Man...I need to get back to the gym! I hate being asked that question!!

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