Monday, December 22, 2008

What DOES happen when you pick the legs off the frog?

When I was in elementary school there was a way we could walk home that took us behind the community center in Navy Housing and over a little creek. There were several days that we would get to the bridge that went over the creek and find frog bodies without legs and then tossed off to the side were a bunch of frog legs. This devastated me!

Why the walk down memory lane you ask?

Today on the way back from lunch a subject about such things came up. Gruesome, I know. It started by a co-worker saying she recently hit a poor, helpless bunny rabbit on her way out of her subdivision one early morning. Which in turn reminded me of hitting a bunny in Canada while with some friends only to have a friend coldly say "That's okay - I here there is an over abundance of them anyway." This recollection brought us to frogs! Co-worker said when she lived in SC she was mowing the lawn one day and ran over a frog with the mower and chopped off one of his legs...Now, before I proceed I have a question.

If you ran over a frog with your lawn mower what would you do?
(1) Say: "It's okay, the leg will grow back."
(2) Run over it with the lawn mower again.
(3) Stomp it to death.

My answer was (1) because when I encountered those frogs on my way home from school I am 100% sure that someone told me that the legs would grow back. Hindsight being 20/20 (and the comments of my 2 co-workers riding in the car with me at lunch) lead me to believe that this comment was a mechanism used to control an upset little girl who had just seen a bunch of mutlilated frogs!

The correct answer in this instance is - (3) stomp it to death! That's what my co-worker did to put it out of his misery. I think I lived a better life thinking their legs would grow back! Darn reality - it will bite you in the ass every time!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Dude. The grossest thing I used to do was to pick the lighty-parts out of lightening bugs then stick them to my ears like earrings, or as rings. GROOOOOSSSSSS.

But I hear you about the frogs.

I would not have been able to stomp it to death, though. I would have just hollered for Husband to take care of it. I'm squeamish.

chunkee said...

this person is the most compassionate animal lover in the whole wide world.

Salon Chick said...

So passionate that she stomped a frog to death. Good thing it is a delicacy in some countries. You know, Stomped Frog Stew!

chunkee said...

SHE?? a woman did this? i believe you not.