Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Parties without a Date

Holiday parties in and of themselves are not horrible. They especially seem horrible when you are the only one not in a relationship. I have a Christmas party tomorrow night for the salon where I work. At first several girls were going without their significant others...then they changed their minds. Then one of my co-workers went back and forth about her husband going. He was going, he wasn't going, he was going, he didn't want to go. In the midst of all this I ask my BFF to go with me - he and I are great friends and dinner companions and that is it. Although once interested in dating him I realize we are not compatible on that level. Dinner with him is safe - and the Christmas party would be too.

My conversation with him goes like this:
ME: I have a Christmas party next Saturday night and (whining) I don't want to be the only one without a date.
BFF: Aaaawww
ME: I know you don't like people, but don't you want to go?
BFF: I could go.
ME: Everyone knows you don't like people and they said "Why don't you bring your friend that doesn't like people?"
BFF: laughs - I would go.
ME: Really? You would go? I didn't expect you to say you would go.
BFF: I would go, but I wouldn't be excited about it.
ME: Okay. Well, I will confirm that everyone is really bringing a date and let you know for sure. It's business dressy. And, I have to warn you - I am wearing really long green feather eyelashes.
BFF: WHY? Why are you wearing those eyelashes?
ME: Because I want to be festive and different.
BFF: Okay. Like I said - I will go, but I won't be excited.

Fast forward a few days - BFF is not going with me. Said co-worker is definitely not brining her husband. So, both guys are off the hook (this time).

I would have had fun with BFF, even though he wouldn't have been excited. But now I don't have to worry about whether or not he is miserable.

I need a significant other. I would make him go - excited or not!

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