Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My friends and I have talked about this before - this thing called marriage. Here's one thing to keep in mind - before marriage there is an engagement - an actual event of asking someone to marry you (this is usually what the guy does).

I am here to speak on behalf of women (I'd say most women) and say that we do NOT want to be proposed to on a holiday, birthday, anniversary, Boss' Day or any other such day. Women want their own day.

Christmas and New Year's are behind us until they come around again in 11 months, so we don't have to worry about any Christmas or New Year's proposals at the moment. But darnit! Valentine's Day is coming and you know that many guys will ask their girlfriend's to marry them on that day. Can you say - corny??

It's crazy that guys do this - girls want the proposal and the wedding to be on their "own" special day - not a crazy national holiday or such that you have chosen so that you can remember your damn anniversary.

Anyway...that's my rant for today. You know I usually have at least one! Be original guys...Valentine's Day is not the perfect day for that! How about February 12th or July 17th - don't those days sound exciting?


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Okay. As a girl who has been engaged three times - and then, got married to a completely other guy than those three - I think I can claim Subject Matter Expertise on this.

1) Marriage is TOTALLY worth it. WITH the right guy. Nobody should settle on anybody. Not even if you are approaching 30 or if you have a kid that needs a daddy. For realz.

2) Engagement is dumb. You spend an arse-load of time figuring out what you want your wedding to be like, but finances and circumstances are going to keep you from having everything you like, anyway. AND you'll NEVER find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. It IS fun to look, though, that's true.

3) Weddings, however, are super-awesome-fun, especially if you don't do any of the work for it (even if you do end up wearing a dress that is... um... old fashioned) because everyody is all celebratey for you, and that's fun. AND you get presents.

4) While I agree that one should not get engaged or married on the same day as a major Holiday or event, I do think it's nice to have multiple events relatively near each other. Your husband can use this in the future to justify big presents. Like, in May? My anniversary is May 4, mothers day is around May 10, and my birthday is May 26. It's the month of presents! booyah!

Simply Unpredictable said...

First, I'll agree -- proposing on a "holiday" is the corniest cheesiest thing I've ever heard of. Besides, I don't believe in the fact you need a holiday to tell that special someone you love them.

Now, let's play flip side of this. A man gives a woman a ring on Feb 14, stating intent to marry. There's been several lawsuits that say that since it was given on a traditional gift-giving occasion, it's considered a gift and you DON'T have to return it if something goes awry. Men don't realize that when they're "trying to be romantic."

Now, that aside, I think it would be best to do something where the engagement and anniversary aren't near birthdays and holidays. Why? Simple. It promotes the gift giving throughout the year. (Again, not that there has to be a reason to gift give or say "I Love You") -- instead of having this short time where it's "gift - gift - gift" (and risk getting a "This is your Birthday / Christmas present since you were born so close to it" present), you can spread the joy throughout the year.