Thursday, January 8, 2009

My date totally Rawked!

Went out on a date last night with the guy I wrote about yesterday (with the foot) and I will now refer to him as the Scientist. We had a GREAT date - well, at least I did. I guess I can only truly speak for myself.

The Scientist is a guy I would definitely like to get to know better and go out on multiple dates with. I will be careful what I say - I don't want to say anything to jinx it. I felt like we had a good connection and good chemistry. We laughed a lot, which is very important to me. I like to joke around and make light of a life that can be disappointing sometimes.

I did ask him if he had a good enough time to do it again and he said yes. So...we will see. I definitely wouldn't be disappointed to go out again.

And, don't tell him I said this (haha...because I think he's been reading this) but he's a really nice looking guy and he smells good too! I only know this because we hugged each other when we met.

There are a couple of other guys I have been talking to, and I won't totally throw them to the curb right away, but I definitely enjoy my conversations with the Scientist. I will keep you all posted...

Oh yeah...and you know what was really nice? No sex talk or crazy innuendos. Very respectable and respectful. And very, very funny!

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