Thursday, September 4, 2008

Change...We all Want it!

Change - we all (well most of us) want it and some of us actually like it and thrive on it!

An election is coming up and each of us is hoping for change. Some of us simply want George W gone and would literally vote for anyone with a pulse and who can fog up a mirror. This, my friends, is not the right kind of change. That's like having cottage cheese thighs and wearing spandex instead of nice tailored pants. Don't make us all suffer for your mistakes and bad judgement!

I am not as they say a "Republican," but I am also (much to my grandmother's dismay) not a Democrat. Yes, I'd rather be a Fatass (Elephant's remember everything) than a Jackass. I am more inclined to go with "if I like what you stand for than I will vote for you." What I am concerned about, however, are the changes the left wants to make regarding taxes. As a former business owner and someone who wants to own a business again in the future I am sincerely worried about this. It has always been a common thing for the Dems to raise taxes and Obama has stated that he will. He has, however, stated he won't tax YOU or will be about businesses. Hmmm...well, as a previous business owner I say HOLY CRAP and as a future business owner I repeat myself HOLY CRAP!

When I closed my business at the end of April a friend had seen on Corrupt News Network (oh, that's CNN) that the number of foreclosures of small businesses had exceeded the number of foreclosures on homes. Either way you look at it that is a grim fact! But small businesses have been paving the way for a long time and are a majority of the businesses in this country! Drive up taxes and guess what? No more small businesses...

I can't say I'm completely overwhelmed and excited about how much money I make right now. Hell...I made quite a bit before trying to live my dream and run a salon. But I am a lot happier with how much I make right now compared to how much I will have left after a nice, hefty tax increase!

I'm not saying I love John McCain (although I do think Sarah Palin rocks!), but I am saying we need to think about this! I know a lot of people in Cosmetology school where I attend who want to own their own shop in the future instead of work for someone else...this could be virtually impossible (or at the very least extremely difficult) if business taxes go up (and up and up...).

Think WAY back (I know some of us are nearing 40 or have even just hit that milestone) to your Economics and Macroeconomics classes...if businesses are taxed more who pays more??? And who gets paid less??? Yep, that's right - the employee and the consumer!

Honestly, I'm darn near close to just writing in a name on the ballot just to not have to pick one over the other. But, for anyone EVER considering your own business, on the payroll somewhere, or having anything at all to do with a cannot vote for INCREASED TAXES!


Josh said...

Hey, I'm with you girl. Most people don't realize that thing about how taxing a business or making a business pay for something is just a way to make taxing poor people sound good... same as taxing oil company windfalls, etc. A business inherantly balances its books, and with the rare exceptions like Lee Iacocca with Chrysler, the big guys rarely take the hit. *sigh* Dems want to tax you deceptively so that they can come back and give you half of it (in some service or tax credit or another) and make you thank them for it. Pure evil. These are the same people that love social security, the most regressive tax in history. People never learn.

These are some of the same geniuses that blame credit card companies for people's inability to stop spending. Side-rant there... there's some crapumentary on one of the premium channels. ;-)

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

How 'bout we all write in "Batman" and see what happens?

Salon Chick said...

I'm with you Princess Sparkle Pants except I want to write in my down-syndrome cat, Gabriella. I think she's more qualified than some!