Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh my God - I'm my grandmother!

I will admit it - I have a thing for fashion and pride myself on matching. To some it may seem a bit overboard, but I like what I like and what I like is to match! And by that I mean that a hot red purse goes with EVERYTHING! And you know what? Now that I think about it - my new patent leather red purse has a striking resemblance to the little red number my grandmother used to have that I loved to use for dress up. Oh how I will have to scan the photo and show just how wonderful it was! (And, of course, show you my new one).

But, as I was saying - OMG - I'm my grandmother! Three years ago my grandfather passed away and quite frankly we didn't think my grandmother would hang in there with us - we sincerely thought she may die of a broken heart after losing my grandfather. We are very happy that was not the case - especially since she gives us some pretty funny stories to pass along. Which brings me to why I think I'm my grandmother!

My mother is talking to her the other day and she proceeds to tell my mother about her LifeLine that she invested in (with no coercion from us) to ensure her safety. Well, imagine my mother's surprise when my grandmother informs her that she does not always like wearing the LifeLine because it doesn't match her jewelry and/or her outfit. Because I know I will be in her shoes one day with the need for a LifeLine I am going to see what I can do to design some that are a lot more fashionable - I mean, when I'm 83 I want to look HOT and I need my LifeLine to match thank you very much!

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