Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharon Osborne disappointed me!

Man, I really liked Sharon Osborne and then I watched Ellen today (who I love, but she is on her little Obama rampage too). Again - I am not necessarily a Republican or a Democrat - I just want what's the most equitable for the citizens of the US! Today Sharon said some things about Sarah Palin that I simply think are rude whether you like McCain's choice or not!

Here are a few words from her interview with Ellen (clip below)...
"Hookie Disney movie"
"Scouring America for a woman...last stop before you fall off America is Alaska"
"Passed each other on an ice lump"
"Women aren't that stupid"

Okay - so about the "Women aren't that stupid" comment...Really Sharon, because I think it was pretty stupid of you to say what you did! So there! And by-the-way, who the F*&^ invited you to America anyway? If you and your "used to be drugged up" husband and kids don't like the choices we have in America you can always go back to England "the land of the beautiful teeth" and deal with what you got there! But, I digress...The problem I have with politics is how rude everyone is about the other side. Can you not find a nice way of telling people why you do/do not like a candidate or his/her running mate? Does it have to be so darn cut-throat? I'm kind of tired of the whole thing!

Anyway, here's the video...I think she forgot to take her pill today!

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