Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet the Parents

Is there ever really a great time to meet the parents? Do you date someone and instantly think "Wow...I just can't wait to meet his/her parents"? I don't believe I have ever come in contact with anyone who gets that excited about it. More than anything I think it's more a nervous "Okay, what the heck" situation when it finally takes place. And then, of course, there is every other scenario in between.

How about dating someone for quite a while (maybe continually / maybe on and off) and the parents are coming to town and they don't really even know about you. What then? How exactly does that conversation go? Not just between you and the parents, but what about between you and the significant other?

What about meeting someone on Match - having great chemistry and heading home with that person knowing full well their mother has recently come to live with him/her? You have had a wonderful date including dinner and a few drinks, a good movie, and then terrific conversation at a bar afterward with a pretty good band playing in the background. The signs are all there and you decide to join your date for a sleep over party! You figure you will get up early and head out before the mother is the wiser...and then, you wake up in the morning and realize it didn't go quite as planned! You get up, clean up (you know - the I just had major surgery and can't hop in shower kind of washing or the I didn't bring all my crap clean-up), brush your teeth, brush your hair to the best of your ability considering it is sticking up in more places than you have ever imagined it could. After your quick stint in the bathroom your date heads in to take a full shower, enjoying all the amenities because, well, he/she is in the comfort of their own home. And while they shower you make small talk with mom who you realize is up and about since the time you shut the bathroom door to start your make-shift showering process. You secretly pray to yourself that you hope this doesn't ruin your chances of seeing your date again because you really, really enjoyed the evening AND the sleep over party!

According to the conversations with my friends, discussing such events as above, it seems that everyone has the same feeling..."Whew, it seemed like the parents liked me. I just hope my date and/or boyfriend/girlfriend keeps me around long enough not to go through that "first time" meeting stuff again anytime soon!"

Dating is not for the faint at have to be prepared for everything. The conversations leading up to the first meeting (especially with this Internet dating age), the initial meeting, the sleep over parties, AND meeting the parents. Are you sure you're up to it? Sometimes I'm not so sure I am!

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