Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Give the Economy a Prozac!

If the economy is so depressed can't we just prescribe some Prozac and move on?! My goodness people! Has anyone given any thought to the fact that some of this stuff is caused by the media? They start this stuff by getting us scared, worried, trembling in our boots - oh, wait a minute - I can't afford boots right now - I'M BROKE!

Last week PSPants was asked to write a post in our weekly internal BLOG about the economic state we are in right now. Not exactly an exciting topic and surely not one I really wanted to read about (and I'm sure she didn't want to write it either - she's more the upbeat kind of chick). Most of the comments written in response to her post were ones that I could have lived my whole life without reading...and then I got to this one that I really liked and I copied a section of it because I felt like stealing (don't get much of an opportunity these days).

Thank you Ralph from Denver for this wonderful nugget:

Yes, anything might happen and you should take actions to prepare yourself. But let's try a reality check. So here's an idea, from George Will: Any corporation that accepts government subsidies, broadly defined, can pay its top executives only what the top government civil service salary is – currently about $125,000 per year. And let me add another idea: their incentive compensation and severance packages cannot exceed that limit. If our Congress critters had the courage to pass that, we would not be treated to any more spectacles such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae going bankrupt in all but name, yet having you and me paying out tens of millions of dollars to their executives.

I wonder how "green" he Archer-Daniels-Midland executives would be if their ethanol subsidies capped their salaries.

(I will confirm your suspicions: I have been a proud member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy since 1964.)

What an amazing concept?? You mean - only pay someone $125,000 a year? Really? Is that allowed? This idea might be the best thing since sliced bread! Maybe companies like Delta wouldn't be broke if they didn't pay their retirees (or especially those that they walk to the door) a HUGE pension and FREE travel! Maybe MCI wouldn't have gone down the toilet (no pun on the Save the TP post) if the corner office with windows CEO hadn't spent $8,000 on a shower curtain for his vacation home/condo somewhere none of us can even afford to look at on the map!

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