Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Save the Toilet Paper!

It's not everyday that you walk into the restroom at work to find half used rolls of TP on the counter with a typed note above them requesting you to NOT throw out unused toilet paper. First, I must ask - have you ever really thought about throwing toilet paper away while at work? I mean, half the time I hate having to deal with it at home when the roll runs out or is nearing the end. I sure don't want to deal with it at work. It seems that this all came about due to budget crunches and needing to find a gabillion dollars within the company. I figure that if we save 5 rolls of TP per day that's like $10 (conservatively) x 25 working days per month x 12 months, which equals approximately $3,000 per year! Hey - we may be on to something here!

Anyway, I found it to be a bit comical despite my love for saving companies money. I was always known as the "cheap" manager at my past employers because I wouldn't let the staff go wild in the office supply book! Hey - you want a special pen - bring it from home like I do! But, I have never found myself looking in the depths of the trash cans to see what is being thrown out...


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Oh, sweet Gawd this amused me. Thank you for posting!!!

Simply Unpredictable said...

Ok, I'm first not going to complain about the engrish with the last word :)

But, your math. Let's tidy it up a bit.

Let's first make the assumption that we're getting the cheap stuff. We'll say the "thousand sheets for a dollar" sandpaper crap my grandmother buys because she thinks it's the best deal 'cuz you get more for your money. So, that's a dollar a roll.

But, there aren't whole rolls thrown out. They're more like half rolls. Or quarter rolls. But we'll keep it at half for the sake of topic. So, that's fifty cents per roll wasted.

Five rolls wasted in that pic is $2.50. Times five days a week is $12.50/week times 52 weeks a year = $650.

Yeah, it's more if we're using the good stuff, like Kleenex Cottonelle.

But, there IS a whole thing about economics of toilet paper -- on MSN's Money Central

Salon Chick said...

Okay Simply Unpredictable - I get your point about the math. But, as a previous business owner I can tell you that it's never as cheap as we think it is. So, perhaps we can meet somewhere between your $650 and my $3,000. LOL :)